That knowledge does not leave you behind

“Learning is a process that does not end”, this phrase has never been more evident than today, where the accelerated development of technology constantly changes the way we relate to the world. Applications like Uber have completely revolutionized urban transportation and today, just 5 years after this company arrived in Mexico, we ask ourselves: “How could we manage without it?”

This phenomenon occurs in every aspect of our life and, while on the social side it occurs gradually, on the work side it arrives in a more disruptive way, demanding that professionals constantly update themselves. There is a new sense of urgency to pursue and be informed of the insights that are generated daily, but at the speed that this happens it is impossible to keep up. Faced with this new panorama, the Continuing Education model is presented as the answer.

Continuing Education or continuous learning solutions offer specialized and current knowledge, focused on practice and with a duration that adapts to the needs of professionals.

CONECTA , the news site of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, conducted an interview with Marco Antonio Serrato, director of Academic Linkage and Learning Experience of the institution where he talks about the 5 key points of Continuing Education.

1. Continuing Education allows you to personalize your work profile according to your particular experience and needs. To upgrade, you can take the following programs:





2. This model has a focus on competencies, for which the student can endorse the acquisition of specific competencies that will be highly relevant in their curriculum and professional development.

3. Continuing Education, following its philosophy of adaptability to the rhythm of the students, uses online courses and classes taken remotely. This opens up the possibility of international learning, with experts and colleagues from various parts of the world.

4. Adaptive learning that offer a curricular design tailored to what the student wants. “With the new technological tools for teaching and data analysis, courses can be configured in such a way that two students in the same class do not receive it in the same way, both in format and content.”

5. Digital badges are the most efficient way to check your competencies. Quickly and safely, you will be able to show your academic preparation in your professional online networks . Tec’s Continuing Education programs offer this digital certification.

Are you interested in knowing more? Learn about the learning solutions we have for you in our Continuing Education portal .

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