Only 5 years to digitally transform

Digital transformation

“Digital transformation is an obligation for organizations, because in 5 years everything will have evolved in such a way that whoever is not able to catch up will run the risk of disappearing.”

This phrase by Vicente Ballester, founder of the key company i, a business management consultancy with more than 30 years of experience, could be considered by many as a sentence, but in reality it presents us with the digital transformation as an opportunity to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of companies.

We are in a moment of change that must be used to develop strong companies and people who can integrate into new digital business models. This will allow you to compete with larger companies and open up new markets, but also, as Ballester predicts, will cause outdated organizations to disappear. Digital transformation has been successfully implemented in customer service, in the recruitment and retention process of personnel, in relationships with suppliers, in the search for greater operational efficiencies and, truly, every aspect of a company is an area of chance. Simply analyze the following cases where technology completely redefined companies and opened new business strategies that see technology as a powerful ally.

For example, luxury car maker Porsche has made its customer service a unique experience by investing heavily in digital strategies to deliver a service that lives up to its image. It launched a roadside assistance program for its clients that includes the integration of the GPS system to calculate the closest roadside assistance provider and uses SMS messages to ensure effective communication with customers and assistance providers.

For its part, Domino’s Pizza has expanded the ways in which its customers can communicate with them and place their orders through text messages with its new AnyWhere platform from smartphones, smartwatches and smart TVs.

Digital transformation is not the acquisition of technological tools, but the adoption of an innovative mentality that is capable of proposing digital solutions, which is what Domino’s Pizza and Porsche did, how will you change your company?

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