The Importance of Educational Science for Humanity

At this time, situs slot online Education is very important to learn for all mankind. The definition of education itself is actually very broad, unlike in general where education can only be obtained from schools or universities, but education knowledge can also be obtained through one’s experience in the world of work or through daily life.

You need to know, through the way of speaking alone, smart people can know whether someone is educated or uneducated. Therefore, it is important for us to study education so that we can be fluent when doing everything, one of which is establishing business relationships where you are required to be able to speak well and have broad insight to know everything.

Science Education itself has actually existed even from ancient times, curious how the process is? Let’s discuss together about the past history of education science.

The Past History of Education in the World

As discussed in the previous paragraph, where the science of education has been formed from ancient times. Here are some countries that have had the concept of education since ancient times.


In ancient times, Egypt already had the knowledge of education in the form of culture. The culture in Egypt is very thick, as evidenced by the many carvings of hieroglyphic writing (holy writings), as well as the existence of a calendar with the division of 12 months for one year. Then he has known irrigation and some writings which are still unsolved until now.

At that time, educational activities were carried out in temples or what we now know as pyramids. The purpose of education at that time was so that every human being had actions that were in accordance with the religious teachings of that time. In addition, there are reading, writing, arithmetic, and astronomy activities. The student and teacher system at that time was where students and teachers were required to live in a dormitory (pyramid) during the education process.


The state of India also participates in disseminating the knowledge of Education. However, the knowledge of education that is shared there is different. The difference is caused by the caste/level of each human being there, where the highest caste is:

  • Brahmin caste
  • Knight Caste
  • Vaisya Caste
  • Sudra Caste
    Life there in order to be successful both in terms of economy and behavior, is not based on religion, but based on the caste.


Education in ancient Greece has also been formed from that era. The division of knowledge Education at that time was divided into two, namely Sparta and Athens. For Sparta education, priority is given to the strategy of war to the physical strength of the educated person. In contrast to Athens which is more concerned with physical and spiritual health, and prioritizes harmony in life.
The characteristics of Sparta Education are:

  • Education can only be enjoyed by citizens who were not colonized.
  • Does not accept children with disabilities.
  • Prioritizing dexterity as well as strategy and war techniques.
  • Education is given from children who are still at an early age.
    The characteristics of Athens Education, namely:
  • Uphold world peace.
  • Implemented like today, namely through schools.
  • Can be enjoyed by anyone.

That’s some interesting information about the science of education in the past based on several countries. What are the real goals and functions of education?

Functions, Objectives & Types of Education Today

Education has a goal to educate and develop a potential possessed by some children. Not only that, education also has a goal so that students have good character and always think about the consequences of what they do. Responsibilities are also given through education.

While the function of education is a process that humans must go through in order to be able to develop their basic abilities, and shape the character and character of a human being so that these students become human beings who are more dignified and have good morals. The types of education provided to date include the following:

Formal Education

The education provided in formal education is education that has levels and is structured, starting from Kindergarten, Elementary School (SD), Junior High School (SMP), to Senior High School (SMA).

After Junior High School, students can also choose several other options such as a Vocational High School (SMK) which applies more practical work, and there is also a Mechanical Engineering School (STM) which focuses more on mechanical engineering for students who are interested in the world of machinery.

After going through the process, or it can be said that they graduated from school, students can continue their studies at a higher level, namely college. Through this education, students are more focused on their talents or passions to choose majors. The choice of majors given at the level of the world of lectures has a variety of choices, namely:

  • Biology Department
  • Department of Pharmacy
  • Informatics Engineering
  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Nuclear Engineering
  • Chemistry Department
  • Astronomy Department
  • Medical School
  • Department of Public Health
  • Department of International Relations
  • Department of Archeology
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Office Administration
  • Department of Foreign Language Literature
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Communication Studies
  • Department of Fashion Design
  • Department of Visual Communication Design (DKV)
  • Department of History

Those are some choices of majors that can be occupied according to the passion of the students.

Non-Formal Education

Non-formal education is education provided outside of formal education hours such as tutoring, additional guidance, extra-curricular activities, and several other types of educational activities. In contrast to formal education which is mandatory for all human beings, non-formal education focuses on developing the talents of these students.

Informal education

The last type of education is informal education. This education is obtained from everyday life both from parents and the child’s environment. It can be said that this education can be obtained independently by the students. Examples are religion, ethics, morals, manners, and ways of socializing.

That’s some brief information that we can share about Education. Hopefully entertained and this information is able to fulfill your desires in terms of education. Thank you.